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Buku made in korea

Tahun 2010 kemaren~ saya beli buku di internet. Itu pertama kalinya saya membeli buku di korea.. wekeke. Tapi ini buku pake bahasa english lo.. hihi. Awalnya saya pinjem buku ini di campus library~ dan saya ga bosen2 baca buku-buku ini… dan ada perasaan tidak rela mengembalikannya. hahaha. jadi pas saya cari di internet~ ternyata buku ini ada dengan harga yang masih terjangkau kantong ^^

ini lah buku-bukunya :

1. Practical Korean Cooking

buku masak korea ini enak diliat, soalnya ada gambar step-step cara memasaknya… dan yang paling penting lagi pake bahasa english. kapan2 bisa buat pamer masak ke suami tercintah (blush)… ato suaminya aja yang suruh masak? kan pake english~ pasti paham. hahaha.

2. For the First Time

Ini buku kumpulan poem. bagus artinya. saya suka baca-bacanya ^^ penulisnya itu orang korea ambil major sastra yang lulusan amrik, namanya Shin, Young-Bok.  saya tunjukkan ya beberapa poemnya :

Cultivation of Love

Love is an agricultural crop that is slowly cultivated through life

As we can not choose parents when we are born, neither can love be chosen

Love is not something that already exists, but it is something that requires cultivation

Therefore, the expression, “I love you” is unnecessary

If love has not been cultivated, to say “I love you” would not be true and if love is already there,

it does not need to be said

To cultivate love in barren soil is the greatest gift we humans have

Missing Friends on a Snowy Days

When a quiet new day begins with the fall of large snowflakes,

Comes the memory of old friends and days long gone.

Writing on snow the names of old friends,

Friends whose names have faded faint.

Snowy days make us long for loved one past,

While distance making the longing stronger.

Reflection on the Past

To face the past and reconstruct its meaning is not to return to the past, but to confront one’s present

I like long winter nights in which I can recollect all the things I have experienced

and all the people I have met from my childhood up to the present

On nights like this, I recall memories long forgotten,

amaze at the importance of the meaning contained in trivial things,

and re-evaluate the social significance of events considered from a personal view

Looking back from where I am now,

I am often surprised at how to meeting and parting means something quite different from what they did back then

And in all these things, I come to meet my own present self

Winter night meditation are a time of self-confrontation and of self-liberation,

though they may be as harsh as putting your hands in cold water for winter washings

Without digging out the past, how could we raise up such stern pause?

In the same way, without freeing ourselves from the past,

how could we go forward toward a new morrow?

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  1. * Mark says:

    Hi there, I want to know if, is there anyway I could obtain a copy of that book

    “For the First Time – Shin Young-bok” I’ve search the net and couldn’t find any store, neither the book itself. I just saw your blog, and luckily you have the only one who have the picture of it. Thanks!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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